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GoDaddy Alternatives 2021 – Which one is like GoDaddy?

Godaddy is a worldwide popular web hosting services provider. but because of the growth of many different web hosting companies people look for GoDaddy Alternatives 2021.

GoDaddy Inc. is an American, publicly patronized, Internet domain recorder and internet hosting organization founded by Bob Parsons in 1997, headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, and incorporated in Delaware. 

GoDaddy is one of the most influential hosting and domain title companies in the business. They proffer an extensive series of assistance including, domain name enrollment, hosting, website development, SSL certification, emails, and likewise.

GoDaddy with its websites a stupendous seventy-seven million domain titles is succeeded by It makes it the biggest domain name recorder in the Network.

Why should you look for GoDaddy Alternatives?

Because they are not invariably the most dependable nor the most economical on the business. GoDaddy is good option for beginners but for business you might have to think twice before investing on it.

Many GoDaddy choices can proffer you more beneficial specialties at more inexpensive rates and with exceptional assistance.

So, if GoDaddy doesn’t interest you, relax and hold on as we evaluate the ablest GoDaddy alternatives for web hosting. We have examined each hosting provider widely personally and also combined data and grades from users like you. In this article, we will partake in the most useful GoDaddy alternatives that are more affordable, more dependable, and more ethical.

What Are the Best GoDaddy Alternatives?

  1. Bluehost 
  2. HostGator 
  3. InMotion 
  4. A2 Hosting 
  5. SiteGround 
  6. Google Domains
  7. Namecheap
  8. Shopify
  10. Dreamhost
  11. Kinsta
  12. Hostinger
  13. Namesilo
  14. Dynadot
  15. WP Engine
  16. Constant Contact
  17. Network Solutions
  18. Stromonic
  19. Bigrock
  20. Wix


Bluehost is our top pick for GoDaddy alternatives because it influences beyond every significant division, from pricing to customer assistance. 

It is a web hosting company regulated by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 most populous web hosts, inclusively hosting well beyond 2 million domains. 

Bluehost is both a domain registrar and a hosting website related to GoDaddy. It proffers affordable hosting assistance that you can practice to design a website.

If you intend to create a blog or a website with WordPress, Bluehost is a great alternative. To begin, WordPress has officially endorsed Bluehost since 2005. In addition, this GoDaddy alternative renders three diverse hosting methods revamped explicitly for WordPress.

Bluehost also proffers some captivating unrestricted perks when you sign up for a hosting program, including:

  • You get a free domain title with one year validity
  • Free SSL
  • Malware identification tools
  • Computerized security updates 
  • 24/7 expert assistance

In other words, this GoDaddy hosting option will not respond to you with infinite cross-sells through the checkout process that significantly enhances how much you end up paying.

Bluehost proffers four assigned hosting ideas. 


HostGator has its origin in Houston. It is a provider of distributed, reseller, and philistine individual servers. It assigned a web hosting with a supplemental presence in Austin, Texas, with the intervention of Brent Oxley.

It provides a super-competitive rates mark. This GoDaddy alternative proffers five diverse web hosting designs for every need.

If you are just getting incited, you will ache a shared hosting plan — these plans arise with a free domain (for the inaugural year), free SSL, and free email. Not very bad, correct?

It is worth remarking that, like maximum domain registrars and hosting sites like GoDaddy, HostGator proffers more economical pricing for the inaugural year to get you pinned in. So, anticipate increased renewal charges.


Emphasizing high on our list due to its extensive span of, ahem, specialties, InMotion is one of the stablest renders in the business. It proposes endless disc range and free SSL on the basic program with multi-layer protection on its committed hosting program.

InMotion’s shared hosting commences from $2.49 per month, WordPress hosting ranges between $4.99 and $114.99 per month, while dedicated hosting costs between $105 – $519.39 per month.

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A2 Hosting 

With 24/7 assistance 365 days of the year, A2 Hosting is constantly there to take you from A to B without a bustle. The advanced ‘Guru Crew’ trains in one-on-one customer aid, while you also have admittance to live chat, phone, and email guidance.

A2 Hosting rates begin from $4 per month for shared hosting

$5 per month for unmanaged VPS hosting and $33 per month for supervised VPS hosting. It’s not the most economical hosting provider nearby, but it does give any time and money-back commitments.


Siteground is a renowned GoDaddy alternative remembered for its stellar technological assistance as a client of the service, you can get guidance through email, live chat, or by phone.

It proposes four varieties of hosting services: 

  • web hosting, 
  • WordPress hosting, 
  • WooCommerce hosting, 
  • and cloud hosting.

Alike Bluehost, this GoDaddy rival is officially endorsed by WordPress Plus. SiteGrounds web hosting programs cover infinite perks, such as free:

  • Domains for one year
  • SSL
  • Automated regular backups
  • CDN (Content delivery network)
  • Professional email addresses amidst your domain name
  • Managed WordPress and assistance
  • Automatic website movements

SiteGround is also an impressive alternative for the environmentally conscious. The platform’s powered by Google Cloud, which unites 100% of the power utilized by SiteGround with renewable energy.

Similar to Bluehost, SiteGround allows rebates whenever you sign up for longer than a year.

While it does not render VPS hosting, which can block your website’s growth, Siteground does hold a 99.98% uptime, has excellent customer assistance, and grants an actual user-friendly dashboard.

Google Domains 

Though Google Domains is not as successful as most of the other domain title renderers on this list, their domain name assistance is entrusted by thousands of companies around the world.

Google’s purpose with all its services including Google Domains is to make setting up and operating a website effortless for company partners. If you are looking for an uncomplicated approach to install and maintain your website, then you can count on the ingenuousness of Google’s domain title assistance. 


Namecheap is one of the renowned domain registrars on the Internet. It is the most suitable alternative to GoDaddy.

All domains of occur with free WHOIS domain privacy. Other domain title registrars including GoDaddy impose an extra rate for this.

Namecheap sells domain titles for only $8.88 for the initial year. Plus, shared hosting programs commence from as little as $1.58/month when invoiced yearly.

These schemes arrive with free WHOIS privacy, an SSL, website developer, 24/7 live chat assistance, and automated backups.

Namecheap also renders controlled WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and committed server hosting.

Also, Namecheap does not impose you to shift to the service you would only require to spend the conventional renewal charge.


Shopify is not your conventional domain registrar or web hosting assistance, it is a comprehensive yet simple-to-use business-building program. This GoDaddy alternative commenced its career as an eCommerce website developer and has since expanded to render everything you could require to enhance your business online or in-store.

For example, you can employ Shopify to do stuff like:

  • Manifest a domain
  • Create a website for your business
  •  Personalize the presentation of your site with prefabricated themes.
  • Create your website to do nearly anything and everything with more than 6k applications.
  • Trade physical commodities, digital commodities, or services online
  • Process credit card amounts
  • Control your inventory, process orders, and print shipping tags
  • Sync both your online and offline ventures with Shopify Point of Sale
  • Expand your business from several sales to a multi-million dollar substation with various Shopify plans
  • You can enroll in a domain with Shopify Domains for about $10-$100 every cycle, depending on the title and expansion. 

These values may appear like a heavy investment at the front. Nevertheless, if you desire to develop a business website Shopify’s characteristics and functionality are all but assured to support you to expand your company further and faster. It is one of the best web hosting for small business purpose.

In brief, Shopify renders three essential privileges:

  • The program is a one-stop shop that is dead simple to establish and apply.
  • Every phase of Shopify is particularly developed to support you expand your business.
  • There are no boundaries to what you can achieve with Shopify. is also an amazing alternative for GoDaddy SSL licenses. proffers affordable SSL certifications than GoDaddy. 

It is an eminent domain registrar and GoDaddy contender. 

Similar to GoDaddy, it proffers lots of options for domain expansions in addition to the conventional ones, such as ‘.tech,’ ‘.biz,’ and ‘.blog.’’s hosting programs come with characteristics like:

  • Endless disk range
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • 24/7 assistance
  • SSL
  • The capability to build subdomains

Unlike numerous other GoDaddy contenders on this list, does not grant a rebate for buying 2 or 3 years of hosting in advance.

Their purpose with their service offerings is to elucidate the process of holding a website and make it as simple as possible. And to make it a reality, they proffer a free website developer to assist you to publish your initial site within flashes without picking a web creator.

You can utilize their strong domain name dynamo to determine the most desirable domain name for your business. Just enter your favored keywords or phrase, and it will produce a list of matching results. has an automatic and easy-to-use domain administration area. From there you can control DNS settings, renewals, privacy, and other domain settings.


DreamHost is recognized for its excellent support crew and has been the PCMag Editors Choice conqueror 4 years in a row. With Dreamhost, you can choose vanilla shared hosting or accompany a Managed WordPress hosting scheme. DreamHost pricing schemes and offerings can effortlessly balance your business.

DreamHost is one of the most traditional and most dependable hosting companies. They are a prominent alternative to Godaddy’s shared hosting schemes.

They proffer robust hosting on reliable servers with unrestrained domain titles and SSL certifications. This significantly diminishes your website expenses and makes it simpler to maintain all things under an identical shelter.

Dreamhost has an automatic and more manageable control panel than GoDaddy. It provides you with admittance to several mechanisms that you can apply to manage your website. It is suitable for both pioneer websites as well as growing businesses. It is also famous for its 1-Click WordPress website developer enabling you to effortlessly set up a website along with more active and competent assistance via live chat and email. 


Kinsta is based in Los Angeles and London that emphasizes performance and authenticity. The company promotes some eminent corporate clients: including Ubisoft, GE, Ricoh, and Intuit.

DevKinsta is the local WordPress community made apparent. Create sites, themes, & plugins in flashes. Features in one-click site design, local email mechanism, built-in database administrator, & much more.

Kinsta operates its hosting on the peak of Google Cloud Engine, with the punchline “WordPress at the speed of Google”

Whenever you add a site to your Kinsta account, you can pick your data center: each one of the twenty-plus global data centers. Each site can be entertained at a distinct location.

Kinsta has several excellent hosting traits that would be suitable for any site, despite practicing WordPress. But rather than being a typical host, Kinsta decided to practice further and become the stablest WordPress host they could be.

Here are the most significant WordPress-specific characteristics that Kinsta schemes offer:

  • Specialized WordPress assistance team
  • Improved WordPress Stack
  • Widespread Security Measures
  • Caching enhancement for Popular Plugins
  • Free site voyage


If you are starting your journey and want an affordable web hosting option, then Hostinger is one of the best economical alternatives of Godaddy options you can have. Although Hostinger is quite renowned for economical web hosting, it does not mean that their web hosting assistance can not contend with other influential opponents on this list.

Services include a website developer, an online store maker, email, and cybersecurity aids. Along with this, Hostinger proffers a collection of beginner, advanced, and expert hosting solutions:

  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • cPanel hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Minecraft hosting
  • CyberPanel VPS hosting

All hosting schemes come with a free SSL, trained WordPress, 24/7 assistance, and automated backups. You also get admittance to DNS administrators, webmail admittance, and subdomains.


Namesilo provides the cheapest everyday domain rates on the Internet. Whether you possess a portfolio of 1 or 1,000,000 domains, they initiate registering and maintaining them in a swift, clean, and smooth process. We also render hosting, website developer, SSL, premium DNS, and email for a one-stop-shop! If you are a domainer, petite business partner, reseller, or web designer, with Namesilo’s intensified privacy choices and rebate plans, they can support you to expand your business with the lowest expense.


One of the most experienced domain name registrars on the Internet was founded in 2002. They proffer free WHOIS security protection covered in the base value of all their domains.

Free Website developer offered with all domains to enable you to create professional-looking websites within ticks. 

Their application program interface renders you with the mechanisms to create and apply your software and servers to explore domains, register domains, and much more. 

WP Engine

WP Engine is a more authentic alternative to GoDaddy Pro. It is a GoDaddy alternative devoted to WordPress hosting, with robust policies for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), agencies, and large projects. It is simple to operate client sites under one dashboard in WP Engine.

It proffers excellent one-click staging websites, smooth deployment, easy administration of production and live sites. Their platform is developed on a state-of-the-art base empowering you to efficiently compute to meet your requirements.

It is a fully regulated concierge service for websites which means they take responsibility for updates and backups while you concentrate on other more essential things.

WP Engine proffers agencies developer accessories, co-marketing opportunities, lead referrals, and much more.

Few benefits of WP engines are:

  • Cloud hosting program highly enhanced for WordPress
  • Adequately maintained hosting so you don’t have to bother about updates
  • 1-Click WordPress accession
  • Every plan gives you admittance to 36 premium themes by Studiopress
  • Fabulous customer assistance 

The service proffers four diverse varieties of hosting: Managed Hosting, Managed Hosting Plus, Secured Hosting, and eCommerce hosting.

And each of these hosting programs has several distinct schemes.

WP Engine’s specialism enables it to render profoundly optimized services and characteristics, which is why its hosting assistance is reasonably pricier than most of the other GoDaddy alternatives on this list. 

Nevertheless, these prices do include various perks, such as:

  • Free SSL
  • Website caching
  • Threat disclosure & blocking
  • Portable sites (which permits agencies to handoff websites to clients)
  • Page performance evaluations
  • 24/7 chat assistance

Constant Contact

This is the absolute GoDaddy email alternative. They are one of the oldest and most eminent email marketing services on the planetoid.

Constant Contact does it easy for you to correlate with your website guests after they depart your website.

We have them classified as the most reliable email marketing service for small businesses because they arrive with all the characteristics you’d require including subscriber administration, marketing robotization, eCommerce unification, and much more.

Frankly put, they compose it effortless for you to generate leads for your enterprise from your website without much struggle.

 Few benefits of Constant Contact are:

  • Compelling email marketing mechanisms that are developed for expansion
  • Smart marketing automation that is user favorable to install
  • High email deliverability to assure that your emails get addressed in users inbox
  • It also includes an uncomplicated website developer mechanism and logo creator.

Network Solutions 

Network Solutions is a lucrative GoDaddy alternative if you are looking for domain registration, SSL certifications, web hosting etc. This was the first-addition domain registrar as it began way behind in 1991. They are one of the most populous domain registrars on the planetoid with over seven million domains registered with them.

You can register a large diversity of domain expansions including the popular .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and all other niche TLDs.

Apart from domain registration, Network Solutions also proffer an ample scope of services including web hosting, website builder, website security tools, SEO services, and many more.

Few advantages of Network Solutions

  • Competing domain enrollment and renewal prices
  • More active domain exploration with better proposals
  • Everything in one platform web hosting, security, SEO, and many more
  • More affordable SSL certificate


Established in 2017, Stromonic swiftly climbed to the top of the web hosting industry for accomplished WordPress hosting and cloud hosting aids with 24/7 on-time client assistance for small businesses to large businesses. 

Stromonic arrives with an extensive assortment of hosting extracts for every kind of website requirement. This includes web hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, controlled cloud servers, and many more.

It is the easiest method to begin your website, inaugurating a small site to obtaining fame and sales everything got you blanketed. 


 Bigrock is an Indian web hosting provider that is a chain of the Endurance International Group (EIG), which also covers Bluehost, Hostgator, and several other hosting providers. They’re ICANN-accredited, and declare to proffer rates up to 80% more concise than other domain registrars, as their locus is mainly on people and small businesses. As per their website, they currently power above six million domains. 

BigRock additionally has what they describe as an internationally dispersed data center, which is a combination of excessive server infrastructure hosting all their produce and services. 


Wix’s drag/drop compiler does it effortlessly to organize a adept website, without having to remember a list of code! With hundreds of templates and numerous tools, Wix lets you create and sell within your site. Wix is a great option if you are a beginner, as it is not a tough nut to crack and very much scalable. Be it an individual portfolio or you have to build a website for a small business you have in mind. Wix is best suited for all the above criteria.


As a preeminent domain register and web hosting provider, GoDaddy holds a lot of recognition due to its capacity. Nevertheless, there are numerous websites like GoDaddy worth analyzing for your website.

Several of these companies like GoDaddy proffer unfettered characteristics and services as a component of their hosting combinations, and some are even more economical than GoDaddy.

Unlike a number of the domain registrars above, Godaddy does not proffer a WHOIS secrecy shield for free. 

If you are a beginner, we suggest going with Namecheap because of the unfettered WhoisGuard domain secrecy assurance, or Bluehost as they have one of the most reliable support units in the industry and are one of the most prescribed web hosts for novices.

GoDaddy is a trustworthy hosting corporation and a popular domain name registrar. Whether you’re looking for elementary shared hosting or stronger distinct clarifications, it can get the task done. Notwithstanding, other providers might satisfy your requirements admirably.