How to block a Website On iPhone

How to block websites on an iPhone 2023?

Every third person around you is operating an iPhone. Not only adults, even kids also have it nowadays. Because of this, most of the parents are concerned about their kids’ activities. So, if you want to keep your kids’ activities safe then learn how to block websites on an iPhone

This will help you to block adult and unwanted content from your kids phone. So go with the flow and learn all the easy tricks to block unwanted websites on the iPhone.

Why should you block websites on an iPhone?

Reasons to block Website On Iphone

By restricting certain websites on your iPhone, you can ensure that your children and you do not access inappropriate content. The iOS operating system has a feature that restricts the availability of adult content, and you can manually add URLs for the websites you wish to block.

It is now possible to block illicit content on an iPhone, which is a useful new feature which is often used to protect children. You can limit your child’s access to the internet in a variety of ways, including positioning your computer in a location where they cannot see it.

A few taps and searches on the Internet can lead you to any information, anywhere. It’s no secret that it can be a very handy resource to quench all your needs. Having too much internet access, however, can be quite distracting and can lead to slowed productivity and lost focus.

You can limit content on your iPhone or iPad by using a number of third-party apps without having to download any. 

All browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox are subject to these restrictions, which makes them extremely valuable. Set restrictions on websites without having to go back and forth across multiple browsers.

Learn how to stop websites from opening on your iPhone by reading the below sections.

Methods to Block access to a websites on an iphone

Ways to Block Websites On iphone

Here you will learn multiple ways to block websites on an iPhone that you don’t want to access. The process is easy to manage and without having any kind of technical knowledge you are able to do it.

Take advantage of screen time options

iOS includes a Screen Time tab that lets you see how much time you spend on your apps. In addition, you can set more restrictions on the apps you want to use here, such as blocking specific websites. The following are the steps you need to take.

Open Screen Time

Open Setting> Tap Screen Time

You can access more options by opening the Settings app and tapping Screen Time. Additionally, the search bar can also be accessed from the main screen in Settings, you can now proceed to the next step by typing Screen Time.

Change your content and privacy settings, click ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’

Scroll Down>Tap Content & Privacy Restriction

To configure content and privacy restrictions, tap Content & Privacy Restrictions and your device will be prompted with a comprehensive menu that you can use to restrict or block nearly anything.

Restrict the number of websites

Tab Right side Button Content & Privacy Restriction > Turn on the button

By switching Content Restrictions on, you can restrict websites and other online content. You can restrict access to websites by choosing “Limit Adult Websites” or “Allowed Websites Only” under Web Content.

You Have Options When Setting the Parameters

The content available to users of an iOS device can be managed in a variety of ways. Please review each option so you can decide which controls are best suited to your situation and set them up.

Sites with adult content should be limited

Selecting Limit Adult Websites will prevent you from visiting such sites, a number of adult websites can be automatically restricted. Specify below which websites are allowed and which are restricted.

There will be an Always Allow and Add Website section below that – The adult website restriction includes a button you can tap to add websites you want to always be allowed even if they are generally blocked.

You’ll also find the Add Website and Never Allow boxes below that – the adult website blocker offers an additional way for you to block adult sites in addition to the ones already blocked. You can add websites that you explicitly do not want to allow to Never Allow.

Websites that are allowed

Block All Websites with Allowed Websites only a list of kid-friendly websites is included, the National Geographic Channel, Discovery Kids, HowStuffWorks, websites for kids, such as Kids, PBS Kids, and others etc. are few of them. The Add Websites option at the end of this list is available if you scroll to the end of the list of allowed websites.

If you tap on Add Website, you can add more websites. However, it’s important to note that everything except the websites listed there is blocked. Most of the time, Allowed Websites are only allowed by an iPhone belonging to a child.

Access is unrestricted

Your iPhone, of course, is equipped with Unrestricted Access, enabling you to access any website you choose.

Inhibits access to websites in iOS 11 and earlier

Apple’s iOS 12 and later versions require the previous steps. The Screen Time feature didn’t exist prior to iOS 12 and you had to access restrictions a different way.

If you are using iOS 11, to restrict access to a website, go to Settings, click on the general tab and select the Restrictions tab.

Once the restrictions are enabled, enter the passcode unlocking your iPhone with and tap enable. It’ll take you twice to complete this.

With that out of the way, you can access the settings by tapping Allowed Content, then click on Websites.

You will then be directed to the menu where you can block specific URLs. In the same vein as iOS 12, All Websites are at your disposal, Limit Adult Content is a choice you get to make, You also get to choose the websites that are allowed to be accessed. 

Changing the Safari settings

Apple’s iPhone comes with the Safari web browser by default. After you’ve blocked a website Making use of screen time, you should also make sure that the Safari web browser is configured correctly. Websites that provide some protection against fraud will be protected by this service. You can do so by tapping ‘Settings’ in the Settings app, scrolling down, and tapping Safari at the bottom. 

Check to see if Fraudulent Website warnings are turned on.

Another process for blocking websites on iPhone without utilizing screen time

The native iOS parental control options are limited, so you can always turn to one of the many third-party parental control apps available. More importantly, some mobile carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile have apps that let you manage and block content online.

As a backup, you could go with your carrier’s solution if you’re not satisfied with the native solution. You should ensure the app you choose doesn’t have hidden fees and has decent restriction options. In addition, they are one of the most prominent kinds of applications on how to prevent your iPhone from accessing websites at all.


You’ll find the software easy to use, simple to install, and free to use for obstructing websites on iPhone. It is an iOS app developed by a third-party provider that can block the provided website URLs easily. Despite this, there are some drawbacks. The only problem is that anyone or your child can simply uninstall Refrain after you restrict websites on an iOS device. Nevertheless, if you can observe them closely, you will be able to detect them. If you want to block websites on your iPhone, you should definitely use this app.

  1. Refrain can be downloaded from the App Store once you unlock the device. This application runs on all iOS 10.0 and later versions of Apple’s operating system.
  2. The app should now be launched after installation. Select “Distracting Site List” from the drop-down menu
  3. By adding the websites to your block list, you can easily block websites you do not want to visit. You can save your changes simply by saving, so you can obstruct certain websites.
  4. Choosing the “Extras” option gives you the ability to set up a blocking schedule. If you want access to the extra features, you must pay $0.99.

Site Blocker

As its name suggests, this third-party iOS application is quite impressive. The easy-to-use app lets you select the websites you wish to block and block them. Safari users won’t be able to access certain websites if you block them on the app. Even though no one can remove restrictions by uninstalling Refrain as they can with Refrain. Nonetheless, Site Blocker allows you to block websites on iPhone in a matter of seconds.

  1. Download Site Blocker from the App Store and then install it on your device. All iOS devices running iOS 10.3 and later are compatible with this app, which is available for free.
  2. Once you have added the URLs to the block list, all you have to do is to provide the URLs you wish to block.
  3. The advanced features can be accessed further by going to its settings. If you want to block a website on a schedule, for instance, you can set up a timer.


It is possible to block online websites that interfere with your work with Freedom. Syncing across all your devices makes the app unique, so you can focus on tasks without distractions while on the go or at home. 

You can block a specific website, an application, or the whole internet with this application. Lastly, a pre-made list is available that contains the most commonly blocked apps and websites. It is possible to schedule blocks in advance of your work schedule if you maintain a consistent working schedule; this eliminates the need to block distractions manually.

For consistent obligations like school or work, you can set up these blocks as recurring blocks. When you are locked, you can’t end a blocked session sooner than scheduled, even if you are tempted to turn the blocker off during a distracted session.

Zero Willpower

With the lovely iOS native blocker for your browser, you can block any distraction-causing webpages you choose. Some of them are FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

You can now accomplish more in life without increasing your willpower and exercising self-control by blocking time-wasting sites, avoiding procrastination, gaining productivity, and finishing tasks on time.

Follow the four steps below to enable Zero Willpower

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Go to Safari, then select Content Blockers
  4. Enable a zero-willpower mode

It is NOT software that blocks apps, but rather just websites on Safari.

Setting up your router or network to block websites on an Iphone

Furthermore, if none of the above works, you can also block certain websites from your network or router settings. It is important to note that the restriction would only work if the device was connected to WiFi. Using mobile data, they are still able to access the blocked websites. As well, all devices that are connected to the network would be blocked from accessing the websites.

In spite of this, you can block YouTube videos and other sites on iPhones for free. No matter what router you have, whether it’s Netgear, Cisco, or D-Link, you can block certain websites seamlessly. Using your login credentials, you can easily access the router settings. The URLs of websites (and keywords) you would like to block can be provided later.

Also Read Users Query Answer

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Do there exist any circumstances in which blocking websites could be ineffective in reducing screen time?

You can obstruct websites and restrict access to inappropriate content using Screen Time, which is built into iPhones. The screen time password will prevent unrestricted access to the congested websites by selecting or typing the URLs you want to block.

Children, however, are accustomed to technology It has been discovered that a inadequacy has been discovered to get around the Screen Time feature and access the website without restriction. Their iPhone gadgets have an application called Screen Time++ that allows them to deactivate or avoid the screen time feature.

Although Screen Time++ is installed on your phone, you can also hide it under Settings. In that case, if you have set up Screen Time++ to allow your child to pause Screen Time on the iPhone, that will allow them to do so. Once Screen Time++ is paused, all limitations imposed by Screen Time++ are also paused.

As a result, they are able to effortlessly access obstruct websites and applications. Screen Time can be turned on again by tapping the restart Screen Time button. Basically, your children can make you believe that you restricted their internet usage by tricking you into believing that you have. Consequently, it makes sense to learn other methods of outsmarting your children as they get smarter.

It is extremely easy to block websites on iPhone by following these solutions. In addition to Screen Time, iPhone devices also have an integral restriction function that you can use to obstruct websites.