Where WordPress Posts and Pages Stored

Where are WordPress Posts and Pages Stored?

Are you having problems finding the Where are WordPress Posts and Pages Stored

It is imperative that you are familiar with WordPress if you use it for your website. Those who are just learning the ins and outs of WordPress may find this confusing.

No physical files containing post and page content are stored in the WordPress directory.

However, WordPress files are actually displayed only as template files, while the content is stored dynamically in a database table. wp_posts is the name of that table.

Where Do WordPress Posts And Pages store? The guide below will help you find out.

How Does WordPress Work And What Is It?

You can build your website or blog easily with WordPress, the most popular tool. Approximately 39.5% of the internet’s websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress is open-source software available under the GPLv2 license, which freely permits anyone to use and modify the software. 

WordPress: How Does It Work?

How important is it to be familiar with how WordPress works? There are some technical terms you should be familiar with. Some of the key features of WordPress include:

  • Extra files– Installing additional WordPress files, like themes, plugins, and uploads, is available after installing core WordPress files. Themes, plugins, and uploads provide your website with unique features and make it perform better. You can choose from multiple themes and templates in WordPress.
  • Database – All settings and contents of your site are saved in the database. Remember that WordPress cannot work without a database, so you must create one before installing WordPress manually.
  • WordPress Core – The importance of this element lies in its ability to make WordPress work. Before you do anything else, you need to install it.
  • Admin Screen – By utilizing the administration screen or dashboard, you can interact with your WordPress installation. It basically lets you manage your WordPress installation without writing any codes.

These elements are what make a WordPress website work.

Where are wordpress posts and pages stored?

Where are WordPress Posts and Pages Stored

Immediately you should notice that WordPress is written in PHP script. For the most part, software scripts are developed in PHP script and WordPress is one of them. WordPress sites always load PHP scripts that search the database for appropriate content when they are visited.

A post or page in WordPress is stored in the database table of your database so it is accessible from everywhere on the web. In the database, your website’s most important files are stored. You can customize your website’s database using cPanel or PHPMyAdmin, a tool available on many servers. You can learn where WordPress posts and pages are saved by following the instructions on this page.

  1. The first step is to log into your cPanel account
  2. The second step is, navigate to PHPMyAdmin
  3. In Step three, click the PHPMyAdmin icon and browse to wp_post. You will find a list of all the pages and posts.  

You can use WordPress to find posts and pages by using this method. Following the instructions will make it easy for you to locate many of your posts and pages.

Which location does WordPress keep HTML pages?

Often, people get confused between where WordPress HTML pages are stored and where WordPress pages are stored and where pages are stored? Seeing the similarities, both terms are equivalent. PHP scripts are typically used to build the HTML of WordPress sites. Thus, you’ll usually find all your HTML files in .php files under your theme folder.

One thing to note is that WordPress is made out of PHP scripts, there is no HTML.

What Is The Location Of Blog Posts In WordPress?

WordPress makes it very easy for you to find blog posts. WordPress has two methods by which you can search for blog posts:

The first way is: Visit your dashboard and click on the blog post option on the sidebar. A list of all blog posts will appear when you click on it.

The second way is: Additionally, all your blog posts can be found in the WordPress post directory.

What is the location of WordPress page templates?

The problem of finding WordPress pages templates is another place people struggle. Fortunately, they are very easy to find. Your WordPress themes are located at/wp-content/themes/your themes, where you can find your pages templates. 

WordPress posts, where are they located?

You can find WordPress posts in the archives, categories, and Recent posts widgets or you can find them on your WordPress website dashboard.

Which database is naturally integrated with WordPress?

Database software like MySQL and MariaDB is used to create, store, and retrieve data from databases.

Frequently Asked Questions: Where Are WordPress Pages And Posts Stored?

In what location do WordPress’ data reside?

During the uploading process of your images and media, WordPress stores all your files in the wp_content/uploads/folder on your server.

In cPanel, where can I find WordPress pages?

The WordPress pages in cPanel are found in the database, which you will find under PHPMyAdmin.

Posts and pages are two different types of content in WordPress. What are the differences?

A post differs from a page in that it is static, while a page changes according to the user.

Conclusion- Steps WordPress Posts and Pages Stored

Your WordPress posts and pages are stored in the wp_posts table of your database, while the templates for your posts and pages are stored in the wp-content/themes/your-theme/ directory of your file system.

For those who have problems editing some specific metadata in the WordPress admin area, connecting directly to the WordPress database may solve the problem.